Has God planted a desire to serve Him in your heart? Are your efforts to fulfill that desire being hampered by opposing circumstances? If so, Refreshment for the Weary Soul may be the right book for this season in your life.

In this volume, Udeme Anosike walks Christians through the path of training and pruning that leads to more effective service for God. Drawing from the depths of Scripture, Refreshment for the Weary Soul sheds light on the divine blueprint that drives the rocky paths aspiring servants of God often encounter. It reassures weary ones of God’s stabilizing hand in their circumstances and provides guidance for navigating the course.

If you find yourself drawn to God’s service then get ready to be enriched and inspired by Refreshment for the Weary Soul.

Download a free copy here: RFTWS pdf

Published: 3/22/2012. Language: English. Pages: 197. ISBN-10: 1462713416. ISBN-13: 978-1462713417

About the author: 

Udeme Anosike began her journey with the Lord more than twenty years ago. She is a writer and teacher of God’s Word. Her heart’s desire is to help Christians serve God faithfully and live victoriously. She lives with her husband and children in Ontario, Canada.