A Wife from the Lord

House and riches are the inheritance from fathers, but a wise, understanding, and prudent wife is from the Lord” (Proverbs 19:14).


A prudent wife is not passed down from parents to children in the way material wealth is; she is a gift from God. By inference, we may say that prudence is not a quality that’s acquired from outward things such as social class, level of education, cultural exposure, work experience, and so on. Rather, it is an inner quality that is obtained through a woman’s relationship with God. “Relationship with God” does not refer to a woman’s service to God, which may comprise her activities in the church and for charitable organizations. Rather, the phrase describes the intimate, personal connection between her and her God — the connection that powers her transformation into a prudent wife.

Women are relational by nature and, as such, quickly grasp the idea of having a relationship with God after becoming Christians. We have the capacity to press into Him if we so desire. But we are often hindered by our unwillingness to follow Him down uncommon and uncomfortable paths. We reason that those paths could not possibly lead to our desired destinations.

Also, many distractions draw us away from our center. In marriage and motherhood, many selfish, deceptive ideologies are prevalent in society. In career and ministry, many mindsets, if followed, hinder a daughter of God from becoming the person God created her to be. Options abound in the different spheres of life, but a lot of them lead away from the beauty, glory, and honor that God has prepared for the adornment of His daughters.

We cannot become women of wisdom and prudence unless we faithfully follow the unique paths that God has ordained for us. Making wrong choices and following wrong paths will certainly lead us away from His destination.

God created “woman” beautifully. He created her to be beautiful in marriage, in motherhood, in service to Him, and in service to humanity. When we allow Him to work in us, He deposits virtues that make us sweet fragrances of Christ wherever we go.

So let’s pay close attention to our relationships with Him, for this is our true source of beauty and excellence. Let’s seek to do things His way not ours and allow Him to transform us into the women He created us to be. When we do, we will be amazed at the trophies He will make of us.

Ponder: Are there things happening in your life that you do not understand? Are you wondering, “where is God leading me?” If you’re genuinely following Him then He is leading you into His wisdom, His understanding, and His prudence; He is also transforming you into the beautiful person He created you to be. You may be finding it difficult to follow because you do not understand, but rather than resist, ask Him to help you give up control and follow as He leads.

Prayer: Dear Father, thank You for making me so beautiful. Please help me to surrender all and allow you to show forth your wonderful works in my life. I ask this through Christ my Lord, Amen.

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