The JOY in Patience

by Andrea Bisong


God, you have been working on me. Teaching me this art. I don’t think I have ever understood the real meaning of patience until now. Patience — “the state of endurance under difficult circumstances.” It is not just about enduring, it is about waiting joyfully in hope. Who is that hope? Well for me, Jesus is.

Romans 12:2 says, be patient in tribulation,” something the human mind cannot understand. How is it possible to be patient in affliction? How is it possible to have joy where there is pain? Well, that is why God says, “lean not on your own understanding.” The more we try to figure out how with our little human logic, the more frustrated we get and, in turn, we end up discouraged.

I think patience is worked effectively in us when we rejoice in hope during our most trying moments, because we’re so fixed on Jesus that nothing we see matters. Patience is not just a passive putting up with things until we see “results” but an active fervency in prayer as we wait and trust in God, because we know He has done all that He says He will do. We cannot rejoice in hope if we are not fervent in prayer, and we cannot exercise the art of patience in tribulation if we do not rejoice in our hope, which is Christ.

praying to God

Patience is a beautiful thing. It has taught me complete reliance on my Savior. Patience has taught me to see with eyes of faith, not my physical eyes. Patience has given me total confidence in Christ. Patience has strengthened my faith in God. Patience has taught me to wait joyfully. Patience continually reassures me that Christ is with me every step of the way and has never left.

God is entirely good. I love what He is doing in me. Yesterday I found myself singing loudly and joyfully, worshipping because I was so at peace. I was so happy. An unexplainable happiness that words can not even sum up. Thank you Holy Spirit for teaching me the art of patience in tribulation and giving me JOY. My hope will never fail me because He who has promised to keep me, and never leaves me, is faithful.

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