Do You Have a Purpose

aircraft interior


Imagine if you boarded a plane and after many hours discovered that the pilot had no destination! No matter how comfortable the interior of the plane or how beautiful the scenic view from above, you would probably get bored, tired and frustrated after several hours. Similar feelings creep up on us when we do not have a definite purpose or destination for our lives. The absence of purpose leaves us unfulfilled, easily discouraged and easily distracted from the Lord[1].

Born for a Purpose

Every born-again Christian has specific God-given purposes to fulfill here on earth[2]. The Bible tells us that God will reward each of us based on how well we accomplish those purposes[3]. Our Lord Jesus Christ taught that each of us has a heavenly “storehouse”, or bank account, just as we have earthly bank accounts and storehouses[4]. He counseled us to make large deposits in our heavenly bank accounts and gave us instructions on how to do so.

Juggling Priorities

The idea of filling our heavenly bank accounts sounds a lot easier than it is in reality. This is because in reality, there are many other activities, interests and obligations competing for our time and attention.

Each of us has been given a finite set of resources for each day; we also have the awesome responsibility of deciding how to use these resources. Barring ill-health and other limiting circumstances, each of us has (a) time, (b) strength: the ability to do things, (c) intellect: the ability to think and reason, (d) compassion, and (e) gifts and talents. We also have the freedom to spend these resources on any of four categories: (1) the things that we like and want to do, (2) the things that are necessary and we have to do, (3) the things that others want us to do, and (4) the things that God wants us to do.

To successfully make large deposits in our heavenly bank accounts, we must spend most of our resources on “the things that God wants us to do.” We must identify and consistently pursue the type of activities, relationships, and commitments that will enable us to accomplish our God-given purposes. Conversely, we should turn away from relationships, activities, and commitments that pull us away from God’s purposes for our lives.

Great Benefits

Having a sense of purpose is greatly beneficial to us as individuals, because it anchors us to the Lord, keeps us focused and gives us a sense of fulfillment. As we faithfully pursue our God-given purposes, we find ourselves contributing more effectively to the Body of Christ. Through our contributions, the Body receives nourishment and grows[5], and as she grows, she develops a greater ability to fulfill her own purposes, thus glorifying God.

Ponder This

Have you identified God’s purposes for your life? Are you actively investing in fulfilling those purposes? Or are you spending lots of physical, mental, and emotional energy on things that will not go beyond this present life? Is your heavenly bank account growing or is it empty?

As you reflect on these questions, ask the Lord to show you where you really stand. If you’re not where you should be, ask Him to help you redirect your life. As you pray in childlike humility and faith, the Lord will certainly open your eyes to His purposes and lead you into them one step at a time.


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  2. Ephesians 2:10
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  5. Ephesians 4:15-16


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